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Yamil and Derek, and their passion for boxing

Brothers with Club foot achieve their Goals

In the success stories that we share with you, we are excited to hear of extraordinary cases where our patients achieve and obtain great satisfaction. Today, we want to share the story of two hospital patients, who are siblings and their success in boxing.

How do they get to the Shriners Hospital?

Karina, the mother of our patients, tells us that they have visited the hospital since 2002, because her first child was born with clubfoot. Years later, the second son was born with the same condition, and both were treated at the hospital.

The talent

It all started with the older brother, Yamil, who, due to his condition, should practice a sport that would help him with his foot and improve his movement. After seeing his cousin practice boxing, Yamil decided to try it. Years later, he would also inspire his younger brother, Derek, to also dabble in this sport. Karina tells us that, when registering her oldest son for boxing classes, she asked the coach not to make him box. However, Yamil began to see many positive changes in his body after he started boxing, and it was there, where he realized that his talent went beyond just practicing boxing to exercise.


At the age of 15, Yamil had his first competition and it introduced him to the National Olympics in Chihuahua. He continued training much more for the next competition, and then he participated again in the competitions, and once more became a State and Regional Champion. Currently, he is in the 75 Kg - Middleweight division of amateur boxing. Yamil would like to travel and represent Mexico in the Pan American Games. He wishes to continue boxing, but without neglecting his education, as he wants to be a programming engineer when he grows up.

How did Shriners Hospital support Yamil?

“It prompted him to exercise, to realize that it is possible to achieve what you want. Dr. Ríos was the one who encouraged my son. He told us he had to do some kind of exercise, whatever it was. Psychologically, the hospital has given my children a lot of confidence about their condition and made them realize that they are not different,” Karina says.

Derek follows his older brother's lead

“When Derek was born, they told me that he was born with clubfoot, but it was much easier for us, because I already knew the Hospital and that they could also help him,” explains Karina. Derek, at 12 years old, is full of surprises, because not only does he like school, but he has also been training for three years, aiming at attending an Olympic Festival, and in the future, also attend his first State Olympics at age 14 or 15.

Derek told us why this sport caught his attention: “The sport caught my attention because my cousin practiced it; the physical condition and especially because of my brother, for everything he lived, such as traveling, fighting with the Mexican National Team; I want to be a national champion and take part in special tournaments. When I grow up, I also want to become an engineer.”

Derek and Yamil’s Message:

“Do not let other people lower your spirits; you should never give up. Ultimately, if you strive for your goals, you will achieve them all,” Derek says.
“Never give up; always remember that you are stronger and imagine that you are very strong and can do anything; have no limits and be constant,” Yamil advises.

Derek and Yamil

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