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Shriners Children’s Northern California Hosts 33rd Annual Ashley Lectureship Series

The orthopedic department at Shriners Children’s Northern California

Ashley Lectureship hosts and attendants

The orthopedics department at Shriners Children’s Northern California proudly hosted the esteemed annual R. Kirklin Ashley Lectureship Series, embodying our dedication to elevating care standards through clinical excellence and ongoing education. Attended by a diverse array of over 30 surgeons, physicians, residents, physician assistants and other medical specialists, the event provided a full day of enriching lectures and presentations.

Since 1993, the event welcomes a distinguished orthopedic leader as the guest of honor each year. They join as a lecturer to share insightful case presentations, groundbreaking research and best practices in the field. This year’s guest of honor and lecturer was Firoz Miyanji, M.D., FRCSC, clinical professor of orthopedic surgery, and faculty of medicine at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Miyanji specializes in pediatric spinal deformity at British Columbia Children’s Hospital. He completed his medical training at the University of Ottawa and joined the UBC Orthopedic Residency Program in 1999, graduating in 2004. Dr. Miyanji pursued further specialization through fellowships in adult spine surgery at the Toronto Western Krembil Neurosciences Center and pediatric orthopedics at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. His practice extends to pediatric spinal trauma and tumor cases. Dr. Miyanji's research interests encompass clinical outcomes, healthcare policy and innovative therapies in pediatric spinal disorders. He is actively engaged in various professional societies and serves as a board member for the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA). Dr. Miyanji has received prestigious awards, including the St. Giles Young Investigator Award from POSNA and the SRS Travelling Fellowship. He has been recognized as a distinguished speaker and faculty member at national and international conferences, contributing significantly to the advancement of orthopedic knowledge and practice.

Firoz Miyanji, M.D., FRCSC receiving an award from Shriners Children's Northern California chief of staff's Rolando Roberto, M.D.

Firoz Miyanji, M.D., FRCSC, receiving an award from Shriners Children's Northern California Chief of Staff Rolando Roberto, M.D.

A Lasting Legacy

Since 1993, The R. Kirklin Ashley Lectureship Series has commemorated the legacy of a remarkable surgeon and revered educator, whose exceptional qualities of kindness, compassion, sharp diagnostic acumen and unparalleled surgical prowess left an indelible mark on countless orthopedists.

A native of San Francisco, Dr. Ashley earned his degrees from Princeton University and Temple University School of Medicine. Following his internship, he dedicated two years to active duty in the United States Navy. During his orthopedic residency at Temple University, he embarked on a yearlong tenure at Shriners Children’s Philadelphia, initiating a lifelong commitment to pediatric orthopedics.

In 1953, Dr. Ashley joined the medical team at the San Francisco Shriners Children’s Hospital. Ascending to assistant chief of staff in 1968 and later assuming the role of chief of staff from 1981 to 1991, he exemplified exceptional leadership. Even after stepping down from his official duties, he remained dedicated to the children of Shriners Children’s, providing care in clinics, conferences and operating rooms as chief of staff emeritus until his passing in 1996. Revered by his peers as a brilliant surgeon, he is cherished for his warmth and remembered fondly for his willingness to engage with children, often pausing in the hallways for heartfelt conversations.

In honor of her husband’s legacy, Elizabeth Ashley established the R. Kirklin Ashley Spine Research Endowment, perpetuating ongoing research endeavors focused on the treatment of pediatric spine deformities at Shriners Children's Northern California.

Commitment to Educational Opportunities

Shriners Children’s is dedicated to offering exceptional educational opportunities for physicians and healthcare professionals. With partnerships established with over 35 prominent educational institutions, we cultivate an enriching academic environment. Furthermore, our medical teams at Shriners Children’s contribute to global education initiatives, empowering healthcare professionals worldwide to provide quality care to children in their own communities.

Recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a leading provider of pediatric orthopedic care, Shriners Children’s Northern California stands out for its commitment to excellence. Through a blend of expertise, innovation, advanced technology and ongoing research, we have created a center where children receive unparalleled care within a collaborative and patient-centered environment. Our dedication to excellence extends across all specialties, ensuring that children with even the most complex needs receive comprehensive and compassionate care.

33rd Annual Ashley Lectureship Series

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Rolando Roberto, M.D., Chief of Orthopedics, Shriners Children’s Northern California:

Well, today we're fortunate to be celebrating the legacy of R. Ashley Kirklin, who was one of the founding surgeons and chief of staff at Shriners Hospital, Northern California. And this event is dedicated to his legacy of care for kids and specialty in pediatric spine surgery today.

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Firoz Miyanji, M.D., FRCSC, MBA, Clinical Professor, UBC Department of Orthopedics:

I'm Firoz Miyanji. I'm a pediatric spine surgeon from British Columbia. So I was invited as the visiting professor for the Ashley Lectureship. I was able to give talks, some on innovative therapy, things on decision making around cerebral palsy, and it was a great event with academic exchange with my other colleagues.

Michelle Welborn, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Shriners Children’s Portland:

My name is Michelle Welborn and I'm the chief of spine surgery at the Shriners Hospital in Portland Oregon, and I'm here today to participate in the Ashley Lectureship and to help educate residents and other faculty about growth in patients with spinal deformity.

Firoz Miyanji:

In medicine, things change pretty dramatically and you're always trying to improve things and in academics it's very nice to have collaborative approach. Center's doing something and other centers can learn from it and so when you continue this academics exchange and the ability to help train each other, I think that just advances medicine and in the end it's for our patients and their care.

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