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A Day in the Life of Ginny

therapy dog, Ginny

Ginny is the Shriners Children's Spokane facility dog.

Ginny, the Shriners Children’s Spokane facility dog, is an essential member of the hospital’s care team. Ginny provides love and companionship to patients and families at the hospital.

She works full-time and lives with staff members who received intensive training and certification through Assistance Dogs Northwest.

Ginny's mission at Shriners Children's Spokane is to shower patients and their families with love and companionship. Whether in inpatient or outpatient settings, rehabilitation, or recreational therapy appointments, Ginny's impact is undeniable, providing emotional support, boosting motivation, and enhancing motor skills.

therapy dog with female patient

Ginny comforts a patient at the hospital.

Ginny's primary role at Shriners Children's Spokane is to provide comfort during patient interactions. A calming presence, she works wonders with children facing any stress. Sitting quietly with Ginny gives a child time to reflect and develop better coping skills.

During medical procedures, Ginny becomes a welcomed distraction, offering solace to those who need it most. Her soothing company can provide relief during moments of pain, IV or blood draws, and casting procedures.

Ginny visits as many patients as possible at the hospital. She can ease nerves through her extra snuggly hugs for patients who may be undergoing surgery or staying at the hospital for an extended period.

therapy dog Ginny, staff members and young patient using walker

Ginny motivates a patient during an appointment.


Ginny may also accompany staff members and patients to their physical therapy or occupational therapy appointments, where she actively participates in the therapeutic process to achieve specific goals. Therapists include her in these sessions through play, turning what might otherwise be routine exercises into engaging and entertaining activities. She can contribute to functional outcome goals by promoting a range of motion, strengthening, balance, coordination, and visual and cognitive skills.

Ginny's playful nature creates a positive and motivating atmosphere during these therapy sessions. Her presence also adds an element of fun. She offers patients unconditional love and is nonjudgmental in her interactions. This leads to treatment sessions that are enjoyable as well as productive. The bond formed between Ginny and her patients fosters a unique and supportive environment that contributes to the overall success of their therapy.

Ginny's companionship does not just benefit the patients; it elicits smiles and laughter from both patients and staff. Her joyful presence aligns seamlessly with Shriners Children's mission to provide the highest quality specialty pediatric care.

Shriners Children's Spokane is a place of healing and a haven for compassion, thanks to their four-legged, furry team member.

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