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Pediatric Spine Care Tops Santa’s List

Santa with child

Santa Claus practices healthy posture.


‘Tis the season for spine care! And who better to learn healthy holiday habits from than the big man himself, Santa Claus. He, along with the specialists at Shriners Children’s Spokane, are sharing how he stays in tip-top shape for traveling around the world.

Santa begins his holiday training at the start of the year. He likes a mix of physical activity, stretching and rest to stay healthy. This helps him create sustainable habits and stamina to keep up with his busy schedule.

Practicing Healthy Spine Care Habits

Ole St. Nick enjoys a good workout during the spring and summer months to build strong muscles. Building core strength is essential for helping Santa shimmy down chimneys!

He completes 30 minutes of physical activity every day at the North Pole. Santa also stretches before and after his activities.

While he is making a list and checking it twice, he remembers to stand up from his desk and walk around the toy shop every 20 minutes. Santa also has time to squeeze in virtual visits with Shriners Children's patients!

Then comes the big night, Christmas Eve!

Good Posture Protects Santa's Spine

Santa sits in his sleigh for long periods of time. He practices good posture by sitting up tall and relaxing his shoulders. He also keeps both feet flat on the sleigh floor.

Proper Lifting and Squatting Techniques

In addition to his spine, protecting his knees and hips are high on Santa’s list. After all, he is toting around a heavy bag of toys!

As he throws his bag over his shoulder, Santa keeps his back straight with his heels flat on the floor. He only bends at his knees and hips. He keeps his eyes up to make sure he has not been seen!

After visiting all the good boys and girls, Santa needs his sleep. He needs to be well rested for his next trip around the world.

Shriners Children's Spokane is home to a team of highly-trained and experienced physicians and specialists in pediatric orthopedics. They are available year-round to help Santa and pediatric patients.

Contact Shriners Children’s Spokane to learn about the individualized, specialty pediatric care. All treatment and services are provided regardless of families’ ability to pay or insurance status.

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