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Motivated by the Mission, Long-time Staff Member Reflects on Years of Service

Lynne’ Weyand

In 1982, at age 18, Lynne’ Weyand started working at Shriners Children’s Erie as a childcare technician and nursing assistant. She quickly realized her passion for the mission and working with children. Lynne' loved it so much that she eventually went back to school to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

Having worked in various positions at the medical center for 37 years, today Lynne’ greets patients and families with a smile each day in the patient access department. “I have held different positions in my time here,” said Lynne’, “but it doesn’t matter what my role has been. The main goal is always just to be here with our staff and helping the kids.”

Working at Shriners Children’s Erie for so many years, Lynne’ has seen many changes. One thing that has never wavered is the focus on providing the highest quality care for patients. In 2012, the Erie location was the first in the international healthcare system to transition to an ambulatory model of care, following national trends in healthcare to a more outpatient model. “We used to have patients stay for a long time.” said Lynne’, “They became like family. We would have 365- and 400-day parties for kids who had an extended stay with us.” Another big change happened the following year, in 2013, when the center began accepting insurance payments. Lynne’ said that although these were huge changes to the model of care, the quality of care delivered to our patients has never changed. “Our patients are still like family,” she said.

As Shriners Children’s celebrates 100 years of providing world renowned care for kids, Lynne’ reflected on the dedication that has allowed the mission to persevere for such a long time. “Everyone is so dedicated to the mission,” she said. “The Shriner drivers, Board of Governors, providers and staff are all here for one reason… the kids.” This is what she believes makes working at Shriners Children’s so special. “The kids and their families have such a positive mindset, even when facing major challenges at times. It makes you want to help them,” she said.

Lynne’ enjoys caring for generations of families. “I have taken care of patients, their kids and even their grandkids,” she added, “you really develop a close bond when you’ve cared for the same family for years.”

The fellowship among the staff is one of the reasons Lynne’ loves working at Shriners Children’s. “We are truly like family,” she said. “We have helped raise each other’s kids, looked out for each other, attended weddings and other life events. It’s a special connection we have, both new employees and those who have been here forever.”

Lynne’ believes that the dedication and compassion of staff members along with the mission of providing the highest quality care, without regards to insurance status, will allow the mission to continue for another 100 years. “When you’re caring for each child that comes through the door as an individual with unique challenges and goals, and providing the care that specific child needs to live their best life, there is nothing more special,” she added.


In 1982, at age 18, Lynne’ Weyand started working at Shriners Children’s Erie as a childcare technician and nursing assistant.

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