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Gordon Makes 500 Patient Trips

Members of Shriners International who you see around the hospitals do a lot more than wear those funny red hats with the tassels, which are called fezzes, by the way. In addition to raising money to support our mission, many of these men also dedicate their time providing transportation to our patient families from near and far. The marketing and communications department recognizes the Shriner drivers for their hard work and effort by giving them transportation awards to celebrate milestones based on the number of patient trips they make to the hospital. Drivers receive pins and patches as a token of our appreciation.

It’s not often that we get to recognize drivers for reaching the 500 Trip Milestone. There have only been four other drivers who received this distinction, and earlier this month, we were honored to present Gordon Fleming of Salaam Shriners with his 500 trip pin. Gordon has been a Shriner since 1997 and considers being a driver an honor that allows him to give back for all the blessings God has given him. We tip our hats off to Gordon for making this incredible milestone.

Gordon Fleming with award and five staff members

Shriner driver Gordon recently reached a huge milestone: 500 trips! Shriners help transport patients to and from the hospital through the transportation programs coordinated by local Shrine centers all across the United States.


Here are a few fun facts to give a little more perspective to Gordon’s great accomplishment:



From the Salaam Shriners in Whippany, New Jersey
to the Philadelphia Hospital

169 miles round trip

Average distance to patients’ residence

50 miles

Average distance per trip

219 miles

Distance for 500 trips

109,500 miles


Round trip to the hospital

4 hours

Time to patients’ residence

1 hour

Average time at the hospital

4 hours

Total average time for one trip

9 hours

Total average time for 500 trips

4,500 hours

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