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Shriners Hospital for Children —Mexico

75 Years Improving the Quality of Life of Children from 0 to 18 Years Old

A bit of history

Shriners Hospital for Children was established in Mexico on March 10, 1945 at the then Children's Hospital. Later, in 1949, a house was bought in the south of the city that was used for the care of hospice patients. Currently, the hospital is located at Del Imán Av., 257, at Alcaldía Coyoacán in Mexico City. Since its foundation, the hospital serves children from 0 to 18 years old with neuromusculoskeletal conditions and burn injuries, regardless of the ability to pay of the patient and their family.

Medical Care
Shriners Hospital in Mexico has specialist doctors who, with the support of high technology, treat various conditions and syndromes, including:

  • Developmental dysplasia of the hip, also known as congenital hip dislocation. Foot deformities, congenital adduct club foot.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Treatment of orthopedic conditions in patients with infantile cerebral palsy.
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta.
  • Hand surgery, correction of angular deformities of the limbs.
  • We also provide services for patients with burn sequelae. These sequelae are produced by the original burn and create a limitation in the function of the joints, painful or retractable scars and aesthetic problems.

It is important to mention that the hospital does not provide treatment for acute burns, which are those that the patient has recently suffered in an accident. All hospital visits are scheduled, so emergencies are not treated.

Multidisciplinary Care

Care services at Shriners Hospital are multidisciplinary and comprehensive, so the treatments are not limited to the consultation or surgical procedure, but the patient is accompanied during their treatment by areas such as: Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Inhalotherapy, School and Recreation, Rehabilitation and Dental Services.

State-of-the-art Technology

Two years ago, the Shriners Hospital for Children Mexico received the EOS system at its facilities. This equipment is unique in Mexico and, within Latin America, only Brazil and Mexico have it. EOS is equipment with French technology whose peculiarity is that it produces less radiation for the patient in comparison with conventional X-rays, and it can take full body images in approx. 18 to 22 seconds.


Shriners Hospital provides Telemedicine service, which is a medical consultation and assessment program that is carried out remotely via Internet and telecommunications. This service is provided at all Shriners Hospitals. We currently have a Telemedicine team in Cd. Juárez Chihuahua, Guadalajara, Jalisco; Monterrey NL; Mérida, Yucatán, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas and Tijuana, Baja California.

Medical Care During COVID-19
The hospital continues with its mission to improve the quality of life of children in difficult times such as the health emergency experienced in Mexico and around the world.
The safety protocols that have been implemented in the hospital for the safety of patients and collaborators include the use of mandatory face masks; only one family member allowed to accompany the patient (except when it is a first-time appointment or an appointment for surgery), the incorporation of a series of filters at the entrance of the hospital, temperature measurement and the inclusion of a questionnaire to rule out any symptoms of COVID-19. Likewise, the PCR test for the detection of COVID-19 has been implemented in patients who are about to enter surgery and the family member who accompanies them. In case of a positive result, the patients' surgery is rescheduled.

First-time Appointment
If you want to get an appointment for a first-time evaluation, there are two ways to do it:
You may contact Social Work at (55)54247850 ext. 1503, 1508, 1509, 1510-1515 from Monday to Friday, 8am-2pm.

The second option is to send an email to: / and include the following information:

-Full name of the patient
-Date of birth
-Full address with zip code
-Home and cell phone number
-Valid email address that you do use
- Reason for consultation or diagnosis of the patient.
-Type of transportation to the hospital

El hospital actual en CDMX

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