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Shriners Hospital Conducts Approximately 3,000 Special Studies per Month, Between X-Rays, Ultrasounds, MRIs and EOS Studies.

The Shriners Hospital for Children Mexico, distinguished for its excellent specialized pediatric care, its modern technology and exceptional staff continuously strives for quality in pediatric care. Sergio Saldaña Pimentel, Chief of Radiology at Shriners Hospitals told us that the hospital performs around three thousand special studies per month, among x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs and EOS studies.

EOS, unique in Mexico

Two years ago, the Shriners Hospital for Children Mexico received the EOS system at its facilities. This equipment is unique in Mexico and, within Latin America, only Brazil and Mexico have it. EOS is an equipment with French technology whose peculiarity is that it produces eighty to ninety times less radiation for the patient in comparison with conventional X-rays, and it can take full body images in 18 to 22 seconds.

The system works with an X-ray tube and attachments, such as aluminum foil, which keep the process’ radiation as low as possible. The patient can simply enter the machine and stand during the procedure, or sit if required, and it has a special chair where children can be placed. With EOS, it is possible to carry out full spinal studies, measure pelvic limbs or mechanical axes, in addition to complete studies. Furthermore, this device helps 3D reconstructions and measurements for surgical planning in a later process, and post-operative phases, to see the results of the patients.

“We perform more than 500 studies on a monthly basis using this equipment. It is worth mentioning that there is no other hospital in the world that performs such a large number of studies using the EOS as in Mexico,” says Dr. Saldaña.

In addition to the EOS equipment, the hospital has two conventional radiology rooms, a fluoroscopy room where special studies such as cystography, urethrocystography, excretory urography and other studies are performed; an ultrasound area, a portable conventional radiology study apparatus and an open-field magnetic resonance equipment, which helps to avoid claustrophobia in children, making them feel more comfortable and at ease at the time of the study.

“For all the parents who bring their children to the hospital, I would say that they can feel completely reassured that they are receiving specialized care, unique in the country and with the highest quality technology,” concluded Dr. Sergio Saldaña.

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