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Spotlight on Steve Flynn

Steve Has Been a Steady Presence in the Hospital’s Cafeteria for Almost 40 Years

Day after day, year after year, Steve Flynn rises early, hops on the bus and then the train in South Boston and heads into work at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Boston. Nearly forty years ago, Steve saw an ad in the newspaper for a job in food services at the hospital. He remembers coming in for the interview, not knowing what to expect. Before he knew it, he was hired as a food services worker. Steve had never been around children with significant injuries before, and he describes the beginning as a little hard. “It was sad seeing the kids with their injuries, I felt so bad. But then I saw they were getting better here and I was glad to do my part for them,” Steve said.

Steve’s job in food services is a very busy one and he is always on the move. Twice a week the hospital receives deliveries that contain all the food and supplies needed for the patients and staff. Steve unloads the boxes, puts the items away in the refrigerators, freezers and storage areas, and breaks down all the boxes. Much of his day is spent cleaning. He cleans the tables and chairs after breakfast and lunch, takes care of any spills, and helps the staff clean equipment like the fryolator and pots and pans. Steve also always makes sure to keep the ice machine filled. He takes care of trash and recycling and helps with any needed tasks.

The food services team traditionally holds several special events throughout the year, and they work tirelessly to provide delicious and festive celebrations for the staff, Board of Governors, patients, families and guests. From the employee appreciation lunches to holiday meals and the employee service awards, Steve plays an important role during these events. He helps set up and clean throughout, keeping the trash cleared and everything well stocked for all to enjoy.

Over the years Steve has been given more responsibilities, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, his willingness to chip in became critical when he helped set up the cafeteria for safe physical distancing.

Facilities Manager Peter White had this to say about his colleague of nearly four decades, “Steve and I started within a few weeks of each other; it’s hard to believe that was 38 years ago. We have changed our hair color, added some lines on our faces and a few pounds over those many years. I will never forget when my first daughter was born and I had just come back to work; Steve came by our maintenance shop with a gift-wrapped package. He said nothing but, ‘I got you something for the baby’ and then he turned and walked away. That sums up the kind of person he is. He is a true friend with a heart of gold and is the soul of this hospital. It’s the dedicated people like Steve, working behind the scenes, that keep this place going.”

Steve has lived all his life in South Boston and he comes from a big Irish family with four brothers and too many nieces, nephews, grand-nieces and grand-nephews to count. He is a huge sports fan and over the years has coached Little League and football. He is loyal to his Boston teams, especially his beloved Patriots. Family is very important to him so it is no surprise that when asked what his favorite part of working at the Boston Shriners Hospital is, he cites the people. “It’s a good place to work and I like being friendly with the people. Staff will leave here and then come back and say, ‘Steve - you’re still here?’ I laugh and say, ‘Yep! Someone’s got to do it!’”

Steve, thank you for your commitment and hard work for all these years. Your dedication to the staff and patients at the Boston Shriners Hospital has not gone unnoticed!

Steve Flynn

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