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Astrid Receives Care from the Portland Shriners Hospital’s Walk-In Fracture and Sports Injury Clinic

What do you do when your child is injured while playing?

Summertime brings sunshine, blue skies and warm weather. It also brings an increased chance for injuries. While we all look forward to the opportunity to get outside and play, the activities that summertime allows can sometimes result in broken bones or other play-related injuries. Luckily, there’s a convenient and reliable place for families to seek care when these accidents happen.

Astrid was playing on her bike when she fell off and injured her hand. Her father immediately took her to an emergency room where X-rays were taken, and they were told that it was just a hairline fracture. The staff then proceeded to set her hand and sent the family home, explaining that they should receive contact information for a referral within a few days.

Instead of waiting for the referral, Astrid’s mom, Alicia, called their family physician, who advised her to take Astrid to the walk-in fracture and sports injury clinic at the Portland Shriners Hospital for prompt care. When Astrid and her mom arrived at the hospital the next day, they were admitted almost immediately. Astrid was seen by pediatric orthopaedic physician Jeremy Bauer, M.D., who ordered new X-rays to be taken. Astrid’s new X-rays showed that it was not just a hairline fracture, but that her thumb bone had completely separated from the growth plate. Dr. Bauer recommended immediate surgery and Astrid was scheduled for later that same week.

When they returned to the Portland Shriners Hospital for surgery, the nursing staff took special care to ensure that Astrid felt safe and comfortable, and Dr. Bauer thoroughly explained the process so they knew exactly what to expect. In no time, Astrid was taken back to the operating room where Dr. Bauer performed surgery to insert a pin in her hand to reattach the bones.

“Astrid came out of surgery with her new pink cast, relaxed and happy,” said Alicia. “I was so relieved because when my older son had surgery for a broken arm at another hospital several years ago, he had a rough experience coming out of the anesthesia – crying and totally out of it. I was afraid Astrid would have the same reaction, but it was so smooth!”

Following the surgery, Astrid was promptly given a popsicle. She was thrilled when her nurses surprised her by fitting her stuffed kitty, George, with a matching pink cast! She now asks that anyone who signs her cast also sign George’s cast. Just 45 minutes after she was out of the recovery room, Astrid and her mom were able to go home.

“Astrid is my third child, and her fracture made the fourth of all my kids. Shriners [Hospitals for Children — Portland] was by miles the best experience I have ever had with one of my children who had a fracture requiring surgery,” Alicia said. “Many thanks to the entire Shriners staff. It was seamless from beginning to end. During these times of COVID-19, quarantine, not seeing friends, etc. – this could have been an awful experience. Instead, she has wonderful memories!”

According to Alicia, Astrid can’t wait to come back to the Portland Shriners Hospital to get her cast off at the end of the month. Now, Astrid also has a new career goal in mind: She wants to be a "kid’s bone doctor" just like Dr. Bauer!

Astrid with cast

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