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Patient Programs

Our Care Extends Beyond Our Walls

At Shriners Children's Texas, our team is committed to caring for the overall health and well-being of our patients. This includes their minds as well as their bodies. In that spirit, we offer a wide variety of programs and camps.

Our extensive patient programs give children the opportunity to participate in enjoyable activities to brighten their stay and in camps that can help them return to their communities more active and confident.

Shriners Children's partners with a number of community organizations to provide opportunities for children to explore and grow their overall potential inside and outside of the hospital. Your nurse or care coordinator can direct you to opportunities in the community.


Camp Janus

Camp Janus is a 4-day sleepover summer camp that provides a unique recreational, therapeutic and educational opportunity for children and young adults (ages 5-18) who have recovered or are recovering from burns. Children enjoy typical summer camp activities such as swimming, paint ball and arts and crafts in an environment that accepts them as they are. The camp takes place at Camp For All in Burton, Texas. Shriners Children’s Texas assists in coordinating patients to attend Camp Janus, a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Roger Pepper Adventure Camp for Teenage Burn Survivors

Roger Pepper Adventure Camp offers outdoor recreation to teenagers with severe burns. Teens learn new life skills, build self-confidence, and are empowered to be more comfortable with their physical and emotional scars. Shriners Children’s Texas assists in coordinating patients to attend Roger Pepper Adventure Camp.

Camp Love Without Limits

Camp Love Without Limits provides an opportunity for patients ages 8–18 with unique physical and cognitive challenges to experience the outdoors at Camp For All, a barrier-free camping facility in Burton, Texas. Campers stay overnight in wheelchair-accessible cabins with their peers and participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the weekend while being supervised by trained volunteers affiliated with Shriners Children's Texas.



AccesSurf is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating programs that allow people with disabilities to enjoy the water. Learn more about AccesSurf.

On-site Public School

Learning never stops. Children keep up with their schoolwork through a joint project of Shriners Children’s Texas and Odyssey Academy, a public charter school. Located on-site, the school provides bilingual education for preschoolers through 12th-graders. Special programs include school reentry programs.

Make-up Clinic

Our corrective Make-up Clinic occurs weekly at our Shriners Children's Texas facility and teaches youth how to conceal scars and use make-up to enhance natural beauty.

Music Therapy

Music isn't just fun to listen to. It also offers physical and mental benefits as well, such as improving respiration and lowering stress. A music therapist leads sessions for children ages 2-6 who are grouped by age for 30- to 60-minute sessions focusing on active and functional movement, socialization and caregivers involvement. Learn more about our Music Therapy Program.

Patient Ambassador Program

Current and former patients come together in our Patient Ambassador Program as champions for our hospital. Not only do they serve as positive role models in their community, but they also donate their time and energy to promoting our medical center as well as the Shriners fraternity. Email us for more information on how to become a patient ambassador for Shriners Children's Texas.

Respite Program

This optional weekly program is available to patient families onsite at our Galveston facility.

School Re-entry Program

A child might return to school with scars, a prosthetic arm or leg, or a wheelchair, but they’re still the same inside. Our School Re-entry Program educates teachers, classmates and other individuals about the child’s injury or condition and how they can support the child in their transition back to school.

Child Life

Child life specialists work to reduce fear and anxiety of patients and families during their hospital stay using structured and unstructured play. preparation, education and self-expression activities. To learn more, read about our Child Life program.

Volunteer-Lead Activities

Volunteers visit our Galveston facility and host movie days, art project classes and other activities that entertain our patients and improve the quality of their time with us.

Shriners Children's Texas offers a wide variety of programs and services that cater to the overall health and well-being of our patients and their families. View all patient programs and services offered by Shriners Children's.

We’re always here for our patients, regardless of a family's ability to pay or insurance status.