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Amenities & Services for Parents and Visitors

Families Come First at Shriners Children’s Philadelphia

Along with exceptional care for your child, we'll take good care of you, too. Be sure to take advantage of our amenities and services.

Travel Assistance

Your trip to the hospital is easy, with many transportation options available to and from the Philadelphia International Airport, the Philadelphia Amtrak Train Station, the Philadelphia Greyhound station, and our local public subway and bus services through SEPTA. Learn more.

If you need travel assistance, please contact your local chapter of Shriners International. The members of Shriners International can also assist in arranging overnight stays if you are traveling from a great distance, or if your visit will take longer than a day. If you do not know which Shriners chapter is closest to you, please call our patient resource navigator at 215-430-4132.

Air Assistance

You might need some additional help getting to our hospital if you're coming from another state. Through a network of volunteer pilots, Angel Flight East (AFE) provides free flights to patients in need of medical treatment far from home. AFE covers 14 states, from Virginia to Ohio to Maine. For a full list of public-benefit flying organizations, please visit

Patient AirLift Services (PALS) arranges free PALS flights for medical diagnosis, consultation, treatment and follow-up, by connecting the charitable aviation community with individuals needing air transportation to distant medical facilities. Their general aviation pilots serve the Northeast U.S., with access to helicopters in the tri-state area. They work with corporate and commercial partners nationwide. To find out more, visit the PALS website, call them at 888-818-1231 or contact them by email.

Interpretation Services

Our caring interpreters allow you to understand all aspects of your child’s care and help your child feel more comfortable. Learn more about our interpreter services.

Overnight Accommodations

You can reassure and comfort your child by remaining close. A number of local overnight options are listed below. If you need more information, please contact our patient resource navigator at 215-430-4132.

Guest houses for families receiving medical care, with a referral from Shriners Children's Philadelphia

Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
100 E. Erie Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey
550 Mickle Blvd.
Camden, NJ 08103

We offer courtesy transportation to and from our hospital from both locations. Contact each directly with questions related to pricing and availability.

Hotels offering a "Shriners Rate" discount

There are a number of local hotels that offer a discounted "Shriners Rate" to patients and families coming to Shriners Children's Philadelphia. There are few listed below. Contact 215-430-4132 for a complete list and any additional information you may need.

Courtyard Marriott
4100 Presidential Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Includes free parking

Four Points by Sheraton Philadelphia – Northeast
9461 Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19114
Rancho Cordova, CA
Includes free parking and free breakfast for 1 person

Conwell Inn (closest to Shriners Hospital)
1331 W. Berks Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Holiday Inn Express – Midtown
1305 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Includes complimentary continental breakfast

Learn more about overnight and extended stay accommodations within the Shriners Children's healthcare system.

Recreation & Relaxation Areas

We provide areas where parents can find some relaxation and children of all ages can play.

Our fifth floor has the "fishbowl" and outdoor terrace, which are great for younger children to play and run around to expend some energy. The fishbowl is designed especially for our younger patients up to 12 years, and includes toys and play materials, a TV and other games. The fishbowl also has a parent area for socializing or a coffee break.

You'll also find the teen lounge on the fifth floor. The teen lounge is available for our patients aged 12-21, and is a fun place to meet other teen patients and visit with peers. The teen lounge is open for patients from 9 a.m.–9 p.m. daily.

The sixth floor is home to our central activity area, an open space that is a great place to walk around and stretch your legs.

The surgical waiting room on the seventh floor offers a place for parents and visitors to find some quiet time or a place to chat.

The parent lounge on the eighth floor offers a quiet space that is a little more private and secluded from the main hospital floors. The parent lounge has a coffee maker, fridge and sink for your convenience.

Hospital Café

The Hospital Café is located on the sixth floor and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Learn more about our food options.


You will find an ATM next door in Boyer Pavilion, at Temple University Hospital. Ask the receptionist or a security guard in the lobby to show you which door you should use to exit.

Computer & Internet Access

You can access the internet through the free Patient and Family Access Network (PFA). Just ask a staff member how to login in from your phone or personal computer.

Computers with internet access are also available for use on the sixth floor in the resource room.

Library Services

Schedule time to enjoy the hospital library for access to books and other materials. Simply contact your nurse or child life specialist for details.

School Services

We know how important keeping up with school is for a child's success and emotional well-being. We offer services for school-aged students who will be hospitalized as an inpatient or staying at Ronald McDonald House for two weeks or longer and receiving medical or rehabilitation services. School services are provided three to four days a week for one hour per day. The teacher will follow the student’s curriculum brought from home, with the goal of helping the student stay on track with their classes. We ask that you bring your child’s school books, worksheets, assignments and school contact information with you.

If you would like more information on school services, or to speak directly with our teacher prior to coming to the hospital, please call the rehabilitation department at 215-430-4115.

Activities for Parents

With our family-centered approach, we organize activities specifically for parents, such as relaxation and support groups. Ask your care manager of child life specialist for details.

24-Hour Security

Our security team provides on-site service 24 hours a day. The security staff will escort you to the parking garage upon request. If you have safety concerns or would like a security escort, please call the security guard at ext. 4010, or visit the main desk in the hospital lobby.

Free Parking

Our parking garage is located next to the hospital and is monitored by our security team 24 hours a day.

Medical Transport for Your Child

If your child is being admitted to Shriners Children’s Philadelphia, your doctor will select the best method of transport, which can include:

  • Local ambulance service arranged by your child’s doctor.
  • Airplane service using an air medical transport team.
  • Commercial air or rail transportation for stable patients who are traveling from outside of the state or country.

For important information about what you can do before and after transport, read "Your Guide to Medical Transport" below.

Your Guide to Medical Transport

Here are a few things you can do/keep in mind to help your child's transportation go smoothly.

  • Remain at your home hospital until the transport team arrives, so you can fill out the necessary consent forms.
  • Being separated from your child when they aren't well can be very stressful. Due to space limitations in transport vehicles (whether a regular ambulance or an aircraft) you may not be able to accompany the team during transport.
  • You may follow in your personal vehicle but please don’t follow the ambulance closely. Keep a distance of at least 300 feet to avoid a hazardous situation for you and your child.
  • Ask the social workers or discharge planners at your home hospital for assistance if you would like to arrange your transportation to Shriners Children’s Philadelphia. If you will be driving yourself, here are directions to the hospital.
  • Our pediatric social workers can provide counseling during this difficult time along with assistance with lodging and other issues. For help, just ask to speak with a social worker after arriving at the hospital.
  • Upon their arrival, your child will be admitted. The hospital's main number is 215-430-4000.

We’re always here for our patients, regardless of a family's ability to pay or insurance status.