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Patient Programs

Our Care Extends Beyond Our Walls

At Shriners Children's New England, our team is committed to caring for the overall health and well-being of our patients. This includes their minds as well as their bodies. In that spirit, we offer a wide variety of programs.

Our patient programs give children the opportunity to participate in enjoyable activities to engage with their communities with confidence.

Shriners Children's partners with a number of community organizations to provide opportunities for children to explore and grow their overall potential inside and outside of the hospital. Your nurse or care coordinator can direct you to opportunities in the community.


BFit Program – The Power to Move

Our BFit Program was developed with doctoral students from the University of Hartford. Recent research shows that traditional strengthening programs build strength but don't lead to improved function for children and adolescents. That's where the power component of our program comes in. Power training involves moving at faster speeds and lower loads than traditional strengthening.

Patients have seen improvement in physical functioning by being able to walk better and faster. Even better, by participating in an activity where they belong, they're empowered to work harder to become stronger. BFit has also created positive changes that were unexpected. Parents have noticed that their children are more focused in school and interested in trying new things.

  • BFit Power Based Exercise program: Two sessions per year, 12 weeks, two times per week
  • BFit Power Based Cycling Club: Eight weeks each summer

Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

PFAC was established to foster successful collaboration among patients, families and staff members so we can provide innovative, compassionate care. Parents and families work collaboration with the staff to identify opportunities for enhancements, brainstorm solutions, and implement changes to improve the patient and family experience.

Peer Support

All patients at Shriners Children's New England are eligible to participate in the Peer Support Program. Our mission is to help create peer-to-peer conversations between children and teens who have similar diagnoses and illnesses.

While this program begins at our facility, some relationships develop and continue on the participants' own time without Shriners Children's assistance. To learn more about how to become a peer supporter or connect with one, please email

Reach Out and Read Model

Doctors, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals incorporate Reach Out and Read's evidence-based, three-part model into regular outpatient pediatric checkups. We educate parents about the importance of reading aloud to their children, starting in infancy. Children ages 6 months to 5 years leave each visit with a new book to take home.

Child Life

Child life specialists facilitate structured and unstructured play each day. They create opportunities for our patients to play, learn and express themselves while they are in the hospital. Their presence helps patients and families prepare and cope for the journey ahead. To learn more, read about our Child Life Program.

Pet Therapy

Dogs, cats and rabbits registered as Shriners Children’s pet therapy volunteers provide comfort and affection. Contact Care Management Services to see if there are furry friends in the lobby of our hospital today ready to pay a visit. Learn more about our Pet Therapy Program.

Shriners Children's New England offers a wide variety of programs and services that cater to the overall health and well-being of our patients and their families. View all patient programs and services offered by Shriners Children's.

We’re always here for our patients, regardless of a family's ability to pay or insurance status.