Casts for Kids


A child getting a cast on their foot

Inside the clinic at Shriners Hospital, Matt Wilson and Brandon Neal cast 80 to 100 children each week.  Each child arrives with a special doctor’s order, and Matt and Brandon make sure they leave with a cast uniquely their own.

Clearly, each cast is a work of art. Pink casts, blue casts, arm casts, leg casts and casts with princesses and superheroes parade out of the cast room each day.

The size and fittings of the casts vary, depending on the child’s size and condition.  With 15 years of experience as orthopaedic technicians between them, Matt and Brandon are specially trained to make casts for  everything from common fractures to club foot and cerebral palsy.

A patient getting Anna from Frozen on their cast

“Each child’s condition is different,” says Brandon. “We never put on the same cast twice,” says Matt.