Spina Bifida Clinic


Patients are generally seen in our Spina Bifida Clinic at least once per year. Typically more for younger children. Clinics are held at least five times per month, on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Every clinic is fully booked months in advance, so we urge you to call as early as possible to change or cancel any clinic appointment.

A doctor with a patient on a table

What to expect on the day of the clinic

During the clinic visit, the multidisciplinary team will evaluate and provide or recommend treatment for those health issues relating directly to Spina Bifida. The Spina Bifida team will also communicate their recommendations to the primary care provider, who will coordinate all other health matters.

What to expect between clinic visits

Between clinic visits, clinic patients may see specialists from among the clinic team as indicated. Also, our nurse specialists provide case management services on a year-round basis, coordinating the many services our patients require within and outside the Shriners Hospitals system.

Every patient is encouraged to develop a relationship with a personal physician. This primary care provider will be the first point of contact and handle routine health matters in a medical facility close to your home.  We encourage our patients to contact their primary providers or local facility immediately if there is any suspicion of a new problem, such as a wound or urinary tract infection.  By seeking care early, many problems can be minimized. Please also update the Spina Bifida Nurse Case Manager so she can help. If your primary provider has questions, or about any of our clinic’s recommendations, please invite them to contact us.

Clinic philosophy and structure

The professional staff of Shriners Hospitals for Children hope to help our  patients with Spina Bifida achieve full participation in life with maximum opportunity.  It is also our goal to optimize functional and self-care abilities. We emphasize self-care skills when achievable, and self-care agency (the ability to secure needed assistance) when appropriate.

These goals underscore the need for transition planning throughout the life span.  We see patients until the age of 21 and work with patients and family to create an individual healthcare team plan for the person with Spina Bifida.

Please call our referral department at (916) 453-2191 if you have scheduling questions.