kids with their hands in the air

The history of Shriners Hospitals for Children is a rich one. Each day, patients and families say thank you to the Shriners – those men in the red fezzes – for imagining a brighter future. Our model for care was imagined and established by the Shriners, the fraternal organization for which the hospital is named. Determined to give all children access to specialized pediatric care, the Shriners opened their first hospital in 1922. Polio was reaching epidemic proportions and only families of means had ready access to doctors, leaving thousands of children at risk without health care. Shriners Hospitals for Children opened as a place where children suffering from the crippling effects of polio, clubfoot and other orthopaedic conditions could receive life-changing medical care.

Recognized as one of the world’s greatest philanthropies, Shriners Hospitals for Children has evolved into an international hospital system recognized for its devotion to transforming the lives of children through expert care and research. It is a destination of choice for parents whose children have orthopaedic problems, spinal cord injuries, burns, cleft lip, and other complex surgical needs. Care is funded by the Shriners Hospitals for Children Endowment, which is sustained by contributions from all walks of life.

The Northern California Hospital — A Center of Medical Excellence

Motivated by a need for a pediatric burn center on the West Coast, Shriners saw an opportunity to advance care, promote discovery and create a center of medical excellence by building a multi-disciplinary flagship facility in the heart of a rapidly growing region. Since opening its doors in April 1997, the Northern California Shriners Hospital has become a recognized leader in all its disciplines. The hospital is located just minutes from downtown Sacramento, and the central location allows families from communities throughout the region to access much-needed surgical care and rehabilitation. The proximity to the University of California Davis Medical Center, a vibrant academic medical community, promotes professional collaboration and allows young doctors to gain insight and expertise by working side-by-side with noted Shriners specialists. The collaborative approach to care inspires researchers to advance medicine in an environment where cross-pollination is a key to discovery.

Advances in care are reflected in the lives of the children served. At Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California, professionals work so children can play.