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Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program at Shriners Children’s Greenville

Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program at Shriners Children’s Greenville

The Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program at Shriners Children’s Greenville provides expecting parents of infants with certain conditions diagnosed in-utero (including club foot, spina bifida, arthrogryposis/AMC and skeletal abnormalities) early access to a team of surgeons with over 150 years combined experience in pediatric orthopedic care. Parents can take a tour of the hospital with the Child Life team, who also provide emotional and educational support. The Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program is available regardless of insurance status or the ability to pay.
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Sidney Sill, former Patient Ambassador: Welcome to Shriners Children's, specializing in pediatric orthopedic care since 1927. I'm Sidney Sill, former Patient Ambassador here in Greenville, South Carolina.

Sidney Sill: With the largest team of pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the Carolinas, our physicians use over 150 years of combined experience to determine the best treatment for each child. In some cases, even before they're born. Over the next few minutes, you will learn about Shriners Children's Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program, hear from doctors and staff who will be by your side every step of the way, and meet one mom who knows firsthand the difference early treatment can make in your journey.

Dr. David Westberry, pediatric orthopedic surgeon: The Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program is a service that our hospital provides to expectant families and expectant mothers, especially those that have gotten a diagnosis from an ultrasound or from their obstetrician with a concerning finding on their prenatal evaluations. And in some cases, the families may get a diagnosis, for example, of a clubfoot deformity.

Screen: Clubfoot: A deformed foot that is twisted so that the sole cannot be placed on the ground.

Sidney Sill: Clubfoot, it's a condition in which an infant's foot is turned inward, often severely. The Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program at Shriners Children's allows families to learn about treatment options for conditions like clubfoot even before baby arrives.

Screen: David, adopted from China at age 2, is an example of a patient who could have benefitted from the Prenatal Consult Program.

Sidney Sill: David, the youngest of five children, is grateful to be able to enjoy an active childhood, thanks to the treatment he has received at Shriners Children's. And he is happy that other kids may be able to take advantage of a program that could have helped him.

Screen: David's mom sought help for David upon adoption, and has has advice for new parents who have access to early intervention.

Rhonda, David's mom : Shriners has been the world to us. It's comfortable. We thought his case was a difficult case, and they came in and knew everything that was going on. If they were to have any kind of clue from their physicians that something could be taken care of as early as possible, then that would've been huge. So that kind of stuff, I feel like would've been a whole lot better if we had been here. If we had had early intervention, his feet would be more mobile now. He would be able to jump on his toes. The early intervention just would've let him have a more mobile foot to where he didn't have so much pain after exerting any kind of exercise or activity.

Sidney Sill: Clubfoot is only one of multiple conditions appropriate for the Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program. Other conditions include spina bifida, arthrogryposis, as well as limb and skeletal abnormalities.

Dr. Lauren Hyer, pediatric orthopedic surgeon: Based on what we're suspecting, we'll try and lay out a plan for what they should expect in the first couple of days to weeks of life. And then some broad strokes for further on in the future. For arthrogryposis, if we get to these children early, we're able to get them into therapy, get all of their limbs and joints moving, which can open the door for improved function and quality of life. I think some of the patients with limb deficiencies could benefit from seeing us earlier. I think coming here and getting to meet with us can maybe put the mother and family at ease that things are going to be okay. So, Shriners Hospital is unique in that we are able to provide orthopedic surgery, physical and occupational therapy, and then prosthetic and orthotic treatment, all under the same roof.

Sidney Sill: The personalized experience includes a tour with our facility with our Child Life Team, as well as meeting with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who will review imaging, answer any questions you may have, and discuss options for you and your baby.

Elaine Hardin, child life therapist: When the parents first arrive for the tour, they have a lot of emotions. They have fear, sadness, and some parents experience guilt. Sometimes they feel like it's something they've done, but it's not. And we need to know, we want to know what questions you may have. We want the parents when they leave the tour, we want them to feel comfortable, not only comfortable, but we want them to feel confident. We are a smaller hospital, and we all know one another here, and we are one big family. And when your child comes here for treatment, your family and your child become part of our family.

Sidney Sill: Shriners Children's is the trusted leader in orthopedic care for kids, and the Prenatal Orthopedic Consult Program offers the most amazing care anywhere and provides the compassionate support that you will need for your new baby. To make an appointment, call 866-459-0013, or visit our website to learn more.

Screen: Shriners Children's logo,, 866-459-0013. Treatment offered regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

David: Shriners Children's is a great place for kids and they'll take care of you.